Bag ban comes at a price

Posted 19 May 2012

Big supermarkets will be big winners when plastic bags are banned in Tasmania, with shoppers set to foot the bill.[+]

Freo bans plastic bags

Posted 14 February 2012

The City of Fremantle would become the first Australian council to outlaw single-use plastic shopping bags under plans to turn long-standing policy into law.[+]

How plastic bags are poisoning the planet's greatest predators: 65ft long sperm whales are being killed by human pollution

Posted 08 February 2012

One of the greatest problems faced by any marine species is the sheer amount of plastic in the ocean, especially plastic bags, as has been highlighted by the Daily Mail’s campaign against the profligate use of them.[+]

Northern Ireland to bring in 5p plastic bag tax from 2013

Posted 30 January 2012

A 5p plastic bag tax will be imposed throughout Northern Ireland from next year.[+]

Pack it in: Bag Ban Begins

Posted 01 November 2011

The days of Canberrans taking home groceries in a flimsy plastic bag are gone. From today handing out the white or grey bags is illegal. [+]

Plastic bag ban begins in Territory shops

Posted 01 September 2011

From today, Northern Territory shoppers will no longer be able to take home single-use plastic bags from shops.[+]

Plastic bags to be banned on Turkish Aegean island

Posted 16 May 2011

Plastic bags will be banned as of June 5 on one of Turkey’s two Aegean islands because of the damage they do to the environment, said Bozcaada Mayor Mustafa Mutay.[+]

Long Beach Council OKs plastic bag ban

Posted 18 May 2011

Supermarkets, pharmacies and similar retail stores will no longer be allowed to distribute certain types of plastic bags under an ordinance approved Tuesday by the Long Beach City Council.[+]

Plastic Poisoning: Sea Turtles Suckered by Steady Diet of Detritus

Posted 04 April 2011

The fact that many marine creatures such as sea turtles and albatrosses become victims of death-by-plastic is well known, but environmentalist and author Jon Bowermaster surveys just how much damage is being done.[+]

Ban The Bag: Acting Local, Working Global

Posted 16 February 2011 staff writer, Stiv Wilson, reports on efforts around the world to ban the bag, and why it is so important - on both a global, and local level.[+]

Plastic Bag Ban On Salem Agenda

Posted 07 February 2011

The familiar plastic grocery bag could soon be a thing of the past in Oregon. Lawmakers are set to take up a measure that would ban the bags for most purchases starting in November, reports Oregon Public Broadcasting.[+]

Plastic-bag Ban Initiatives See Mixed Results in Isles

Posted 07 February 2011

Following recent plastic bag banning ordinances on Maui and Kauai, fewer plastic shopping bags can be found tumbling across the landscape or landing in the ocean. But on Oahu a similar ban, called for under Bill 43 before the City Council, is going nowhere, reports the Star Advertiser.[+]

Long Beach to vote on plastic bag ban

Posted 29 January 2011

The Long Beach City Council of California is set to vote on an ordinance that would ban the use of single-use plastic bags at grocery stores. The measure would also allow stores to collect 10 cents for each paper bag used in its place, reports KABC.[+]

Bid to ban plastic bags in Edinburgh

Posted 02 February 2011

Edinburgh council will be asked to ban plastic bags in a move campaigners say will benefit shoppers, the environment and tackle the city's £7 million landfill tax bill, writes the Guardian.[+]

UK plastic bag use on the rise

Posted 17 January 2011

Plastic bag use in Britain is on the rise after the limited success of a voluntary agreement by retailers to cut the number of bags given to shoppers. By contrast, in Ireland, which imposed a tax on plastic bags in 2002, the number of plastic bags has plummeted. Consumers in the UK now use nearly four times as many plastic bags as those in Ireland, reports[+]

Long Beach Council OKs plastic bag ban

Posted 18 May 2011

Supermarkets, pharmacies and similar retail stores will no longer be allowed to distribute certain types of plastic bags under an ordinance approved yesterday by the Long Beach City Council, reports Press Telegram. [+]

El Paso could consider fee for plastic bags

Posted 17 January 2011

Following Brownsville, which became the first city in Texas to ban single-use plastic bags, El Paso is expected to propose a fee for consumers who prefer plastic bags over paper ones, reports the Houston Chronicle.[+]

Plan would charge fee for plastic grocery bags

Posted 17 January 2011

El Paso, Texas, will propose a fee for plastic grocery bags later this year, at least at big stores such as Walmart and Albertsons. But some members of the City Council are skeptical of the idea, and Albertsons questions whether it will be effective, reports El Paso Times.[+]

Much ado over plastic bag ban

Posted 17 January 2011

The ban on the use of plastic shopping bags in Malaysia has been the subject of debate since the local authorities and shopping operators introduced a "one-day no plastic bag campaign" every Thursday and Saturday, a few years ago, reports the New Straits Times.[+]

Environmentalists back Muntinlupa ban on plastic bag

Posted 17 January 2011

Environmental advocates on Monday threw their support to the plastic bag and styrofoam/styrophor ban in Muntinlupa, Philippines, which will take effect this Tuesday, reports the Manila Bulletin.[+]

Muntinlupa to ban plastic bags by Jan. 18

Posted 16 January 2011

The local government of Muntinlupa City, Philippines, has reminded business establishments to follow the city's ban on the use of plastic bags starting Jan. 18, warning would-be violators of sanctions.[+]

Plastic bag ban begins on Kauai and Maui, fee discussed for rest of state

Posted 12 January 2011

Despite the plastic bag ban in Kauai and Maui and a $500 a day fine, stores such as Kmart and Ross Dress for Less are still using plastic bags. HawaiiNewsNow discusses the alternatives, such as not to ban, but to charge 25 cents per plastic bag.[+]

Maui, Kaua'i plastic bag bans begin today

Posted 11 January 2011

In the interest of Hawaii's marine life, a ban on both compostable and noncompostable plastic bags for customers of merchants in Kaua'i and Maui counties begins today, reports SFGate.[+]

Last-minute objection delays Marin plastic bag ban

Posted 04 January 2011

Last-minute protests by foes of a plastic bag ban prompted Marin officials to delay adoption of a measure outlawing plastic bags at grocery store checkout counters pending more study, reports the Marin Independent Journal.[+]

Can Italy carry off its plastic bag ban?

Posted 03 January 2011

Environmentalists may welcome the government's decision, but many Italians say they're unprepared for such a 'cultural change', reports[+]

The Plastic Bag Monster of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Posted 19 December 2010

Plastic Bag Monster from Kongresnitrg spreads its plastic tentacles through the streets of Ljubljana. It symbolizes the spreading of the consumerism and waste segregation.[+]

San Jose Bans Plastic Shopping Bags

Posted 15 December 2010

In a sweeping 10-1 verdict, the San Jose City Council has officially banned all single use plastic shopping bags and barred retailers from giving away paper bags yesterday, making this the largest plastic bag ban in California.[+]

Day Without a Bag targets holiday shoppers

Posted 13 December 2010

On Thursday Dec. 16, 'Day Without a Bag' will distribute 25,000 reusable bags in about 200 L.A. County locations. Now in its fourth year, Day Without a Bag seeks to encourage holiday shoppers to replace those single-use bags with reusable ones.[+]

Tasmania plastic bag ban

Posted 10 November 2010

The Tasmanian government has recognised the significant contribution that Do Something Directors Jon Dee and Ben Kearney have made to having a ban on lightweight plastic bags put in place in Tasmania. [+]

Tasmania set to ban plastic bags

Posted 10 November 2010

It looks certain Tasmania will become the second state in Australia to outlaw plastic shopping bags, reports ABC Online.[+]

ACT moves to ban plastic bags

Posted 27 October 2010

The ACT government has moved to ban plastic bags within a year, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.[+]

ACT bid for plastic bag ban

Posted 27 October 2010

The ACT Government will move this week to ban lightweight plastic shopping bags in the territory, reports The Canberra Times.[+]

ACT moves to ban plastic bags

Posted 27 October 2010

Plastic shopping bags are set to be banned in the ACT from November next year, reports ABC Online.[+]

Plastic bag bans sweep cities across nation

Posted 08 October 2010

Even though California wasn't able to pass its statewide tax on plastic bags, plenty of its municipalities have gone ahead and imposed bans or taxes anyways. They're outlawed in cities like San Francisco and Fairfax, and many other cities - Los Angeles, San Jose, etc - are already forging their own bans. And that's just California: Plastic bag bans are slated to take effect in just a few months in cities in Texas, Alaska, and Hawaii, reports Treehugger.[+]

Walmart to sell pet products made of upcycled waste

Posted 07 October 2010

Beginning this month, Walmart will be selling pet products made from discarded, recyclable materials, as part of a new partnership with manufacturer Worldwise. The Full Circle program creates a closed-loop system that takes old plastic bottles, clothes hangers, plastic bags and corrugated cardboard and makes new products from materials that would otherwise be waste, reports Greener Design.[+]

Coles bag drop reduces waste

Posted 28 September 2010

To reduce landfill and save resources, Coles is collecting old reusable bags to turn into furniture for 100 Australian primary schools, reports G Magazine.[+]

Capital takes bag tax in stride

Posted 20 September 2010

Nine months after Washington's city government imposed a five-cent tax on disposable shopping bags at food stores, the small fee has spurred a big change in behavior with little evident griping, reports The Wall Street Journal.[+]

Plans to reduce pollution caused by plastic bags

Posted 20 September 2010

Councils in Northern Ireland are to hand out thousands of free re-usable bags in a bid to cut down on pollution caused by the use of plastic bags, reports the BBC.[+]

7 ways to kick the plastic habit: Tips and tricks for living plastic free

Posted 14 September 2010

We need to break our dependence on oil, no doubt about that. One real culprit of our oil addiction is plastic. It's everywhere - from single use packaging, to toys, to household objects. The Huffington Post reports on how to reduce our reliance on plastic.[+]

Plastic bag ban fizzles again in California amid heavy industry lobbying

Posted 01 September 2010

Another effort in California to ban plastic bags failed in the Legislature late Tuesday night. That measure, AB 1998, passed the Assembly in June and had the support of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger but faced a withering and well-financed advertising and lobbying campaign from the plastic bag manufacturing industry, reports The LA Times.[+]

No plastic bag ban vote taken Monday, final day for passage today

Posted 31 August 2010

The expected Senate vote on AB 1998, the bill to ban plastic bags and most paper bags from most stores, did not take place on Monday. AB 1998, which received Assembly approval in June, must get through the Senate and return to the Assembly for a concurrence vote by the end of today, reports The Lookout News.[+]

Plastic bag ban battle in final stretch

Posted 26 August 2010

The clock is ticking to pass a bill that would make California the first state in the country to ban single-use plastic bags. AB 1998, which was authored by Santa Monica Assemblymember Julia Brownley, has until Tuesday to get full Legislature approval. The plastics industry is putting on a fierce campaign to prevent that from happening, reports The Lookout News.[+]

Dramatic fall in number of plastic bags given out by supermarkets

Posted 26 August 2010

The number of "single-use" plastic bags given to customers by leading UK supermarkets has fallen for the fourth year in a row, reports The Independent.[+]

Leading article: Ban the bags

Posted 26 August 2010

Good news and less good news from the front line on plastic bags. The number of said receptacles given out by the major British supermarkets has declined for the fourth year running. The less good news is that a question mark hangs over the most recent annual figures, reports The Independent.[+]

James Moore: Bags are a problem, whatever the BRC says

Posted 26 August 2010

It is indeed good news that there are fewer carrier bags filling up Britain's rapidly diminishing supply of landfill sites than there were. But in the year ending 31 May 2010 an astonishing 6.1 billion were still handed out, reports The Independent.[+]

Plastic bag use plummets in supermarkets since 2006

Posted 25 August 2010

Use of carrier bags down 43% in four years, says Waste & Resources Action Programme, but recent figures show fresh rise, reports The Guardian.[+]

Mexico City bans stores from distributing plastic bags

Posted 19 August 2010

Mexico City's thousands of stores went green Wednesday, as amended ordinances on solid waste now outlaw businesses from giving out thin plastic bags that are not biodegradable, reports CNN.[+]

Mexico City bans free plastic bags

Posted 19 August 2010

A new law has come into effect in Mexico City giving the authorities the power to fine shops which give away free plastic bags to their customers, reports the BBC.[+]

India: Day One: Shopowners shun plastic bags

Posted 01 August 2010

August 1 onwards, the state government has imposed a ban on use, manufacture and storage of plastic bags. The Jaipur Municipal Corporation was roped in to enforce the ban in the city. The state order has received wide public support from sections of society, reports The Times of India. [+]

India: NGO distributes free cloth bags to vendors

Posted 01 August 2010

Following the state government's ban on plastic bags, a few Jaipurites have joined hands to discourage the use of plastics bags in the city by distributing free cloth bags to vegetable vendors, grocery shops and panwallahs on Sunday. The team is working under the banner of a newly-floated NGO Rays: Asha Ki Ek Kiran', reports The Times of India. [+]

Kenya: Youth group turns waste paper into a fortune

Posted 29 July 2010

In the heart of Nairobi's Kawangware slums, a youth group has found fortune the least expected commodity; waste paper. And this group has managed to put a high-end shopping bag into the market in effort that could be replicated anywhere, reports[+]

India: Ban on plastic carry bags: Enforcement to be strict after first month

Posted 29 July 2010

The countdown on the blanket ban on use of all plastic carry bags in the state has begun. From holding meetings with the members of the plastic association to awareness campaigns - the state government is gearing up for strict enforcement of the ban, reports The Times of India. [+]

Sides squaring off in bag battle

Posted 22 July 2010

Portland's proposed plastic bag ban, which the City Council will consider as early as 4 August, faces opposition from the American Chemistry Council, the lobbying arm of the plastic bag industry, reports The Portland Tribune. [+]

Fred Meyer to stop using plastic bags

Posted 21 July 2010

US grocer Fred Meyer will stop offering customers in it's Portland stores plastic bags on 1 August, 2010. The stores will remove the bags early in order to get feedback from customers ahead of the expected eventual ban being considered by City Council, reports Fox 12 Oregan.[+]

Plastic bag ban on Maui will take effect soon

Posted 21 July 2010

In less than six months, Maui county's ban on plastic bags will take effect, reports KHON2.[+]

Queenslanders lag in plastic bag ban

Posted 30 June 2010

Queenslanders are letting down the country in the push to rid supermarkets of plastic bags, the latest statistics show. The Sunshine State has the lowest rate of use of reusable shopping bags of any state or territory, an Australian Bureau of Statistics survey has revealed, reports [+]

Plastic bags ban rejected

Posted 14 June 2010

The fight against plastic bags in Pittwater has suffered a setback with some businesses turning down the council’s suggestion of a ban. A report instead suggested a community education program for residents not to use plastic bags for bin lining, because they are not recyclable and contaminate contents that could be composted, reports The Manly Daily. [+]

Say 'no' to plastic bags

Posted 07 June 2010

One million fewer plastic bags may end up in landfill during the next six months, thanks to a new environmental scheme, reports The Manly Daily. [+]

Australian shoppers hang onto single-use plastic bags

Posted 04 June 2010

While Australian shoppers hang on to their single-use plastic bags, California has banned the evil conveyances while retail giants such as WalMart and Japan's Jusco are paying more than lip service to alternatives, writes The Australian. Scroll down to "Cardia Bioplastics." [+]

500 California businesses sign on in support of Plastic Bag Ban

Posted 02 August 2010

Environment California collected 500 signatures of support from California businesses in favor of AB 1998, pending legislation that would ban certain stores from providing plastic bags at the point of check out. The stores represent small businesses all across the state and range from restaurants to salons to construction companies and many more, reports Environment America.[+]

Bangalow business is first to go plastic-free

Posted 20 August 2009

Bangalow Basics stocks all kinds of yummy fresh and processed healthy food, but from now on it all comes strictly in a paper bag or a cloth bag brought from home, writes Byron Shire News.[+]

Bangalow's campaign to rid world of plastic bags

Posted 16 December 2008

While placards and protests used to be the tools of trade for environmental activists, in Bangalow they use old sheets and curtains from an op shop, writes The Northern Star.[+]

Plastic poses major threat to marine life

Posted 29 March 2009

60 Minutes reported on the dangers of plastic pollution for marine life in 2008. [+]

Bagmonster builds awareness in Seattle

Posted 23 April 2009

Ahead of a vote on August 18 about whether to introduce a plastic bag levy, the 'Bagmonster' mascot was in Seattle educating the public about plastic bag pollution, the Seattle Times reports. [+]

Ban enforcement must improve in Delhi

Posted 17 April 2009

EcoWorldly's Delhi correspondent believes that the plastic bag ban in Delhi needs better implementation if it is to be considered a success. [+]

Ban to keep 400 million bags out of landfill: SA Government

Posted 14 April 2009

ABC News reported that from 4 May 2009 non-biodegradable plastic bags will be banned from supermarkets, preventing 400 million bags going to landfill each year. [+]

Canadian supermarket chain adopts plastic bag alternatives

Posted 23 April 2009

A chain of supermarkets in Western Canada will stop handing out plastic bags from July 2009, local media reports. [+]

Top ten of marine rubbish

Posted 11 June 2009

Cigarette butts, plastic bags and discarded drinks packaging make up almost two thirds of all the rubbish collected from the world’s oceans, blogs Courier Mail writer Graham Readfearn.[+]

China launches surprise crackdown on plastic bags

Posted 31 March 2009

China boldly announced a plastic bag ban in early 2008, as Reuters reported at the time. [+]

Delhi to outlaw plastic bags

Posted 03 April 2009

The Guardian reported in January 2009 on the ban of plastic bags in the Indian city of Delhi. [+]

Each Briton uses 160 new plastic bags every year, survey says

Posted 07 April 2009

The Telegraph quotes new figures claiming 9.9 billion 'carrier' bags were distributed in Britain last year. [+]

Irish bag levy winning war against waste

Posted 02 April 2009

The Sligo Champion looked at the effects of 2002 Irish bag levy, five years down the track. [+]

Irish bag tax hailed a success

Posted 29 March 2009

The Irish government claimed plastic bag use was cut 90% following the 2002 introduction of a levy, reported the BBC back in 2002. [+]

Los Angeles to ban plastic bags from 2010

Posted 29 March 2009

Los Angeles aims to become the second city in the USA to ban plastic bags, reported press agency AFP in 2008. [+]

More tips to turn your town plastic bag free

Posted 17 April 2009

The Guardian in the UK speaks to Rebecca Hosking from Modbury for the best method for people to rid their own town of plastic bags. [+]

Plastic bag ban set for London

Posted 31 March 2009

London's Councils want to ban plastic bags, as reported in 2007 by the UK newspaper the Telegraph. [+]

Pressure on NZ supermarkets over plastic bags

Posted 21 April 2009

There is growing pressure in New Zealand for supermarkets to start charging customers for plastic bags, reports TVNZ. [+]

Target calls it a wrap on plastic

Posted 01 May 2009

Retail giant Target will ban plastic bags in its 283 Australian stores next month. It will be the first large retailer to break ranks and ban bags on environmental grounds, reports the SMH.[+]

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